A PostgreSQL Server
+ GraphQL API

No hassles. A developer-focused Backend as a Service.

The world's most powerful database server

Served by the next generation Web API

Designed for Mobile

A GraphQL endpoint fetches exactly the data your app needs.

You're in Control

Manage your data with the tools you are already familiar with.

Design with Data

Our service generates your GraphQL API by inspecting your database schema.

Perfect for Startups

Have an idea? Want to try something new? You'll be up and running in minutes.

Designed for Developers

We expose the important tools you are familiar with and take care of the details. Focus on your data and your app.

Built for the Cloud

Architected from the ground up to be a fast, scalable, hands-free solution for your data storage needs.

Forget Boilerplate

Ideal for the next generation of web and mobile applications.

postgra.ph is the easiest way to start a GraphQL backend for your next project.

PostgreSQL is not just an RDBMS. It's an enterprise-grade application server. Our service introspects your schema and generates the GraphQL API for you so that you can focus on what matters: your users. Zero configuration. Zero boilerplate.

Amazingly Simple to Use

Authentication. Authorization. Integration. We keep configuration to a minimum. Use tools you're familiar with. We don't put a complicated UI between you and your data.

Stay Productive

Focus on what matters most to your users. Leverage PostgreSQL to manage your data and business logic. Our service manages the infrastructure for you. It scales as you scale. You can be consuming data from your GraphQL endpoint within minutes. And you don't have to waste time managing all of the pieces between your data and your application.

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